Web app for startup founders to build interactive and shareable landing pitch pages



Compelling Product

ezVenture Pitch — automated tools for building and sharing next-gen pitch decks that replace coaches, advisors, and graphic designers

Global Reach

Users from 78 countries across 5 continents

Market Opportunity

100+M startups opening worldwide each year

Raising Funds

$1.5M seed round at a $17M pre-money valuation

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Only 0.5% of startups that seek funding from VCs end up receiving it.

In the face of increasing competition among startups looking for funding, VCs became more demanding, and well-structured pitch decks came to be crucial for successful fundraising.

Startups spend a great deal of time and effort designing pitch decks, while VCs are frustrated with the decks they receive because of their poor format and content.

Today, startup founders resort to online research or multiple consultants and platforms to find relevant investors and approach them with a suitable pitch deck. The process is often unstructured and time-consuming, with unpredictable success rates.

Most decks are perceived as noise by investors and are never considered.


Having applied First Principles thinking, we redesigned traditional pitch decks and converted them into a next-gen interactive instrument — landing pitch pages.

ezVenture Pitch covers all questions startups have while working on a pitch. It makes all the necessary information readily available so that no other resource or tool is needed.

Thus, startups get the best result with minimum time and effort spent.

Key Benefits

One-stop-shop for pitch decks:

The app replaces coaches, advisors, and graphic designers and saves time on preliminary research.

No code or design skills needed:

Startups fill in a no-code pitch builder and get thoughtfully structured, clearly designed landing pitch pages with unique shareable URLs.

Effective communication with investors:

Investors get interactive pitches they can easily make sense of and provide instant feedback with no login required;
Startups get investor engagement analytics.

Investors always have the latest version of the pitch, even if it was updated after being sent.


Core Features

Guidelines and pre-views for every pitch section;
Design templates to choose from.

Various formats: custom landing pitch pages with tracking URLs and downloadable PDFs.

Investor-friendly viewing experience: adopted to any device — iOS or Android smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

Intuitive UX/UI.

Privacy control.

Product Video

Product Readiness: Beta testing stage.

Why Now

Global invested venture capital has grown more than three times in volume through the decade. Venture deal volume has increased similarly.

First-time fundraising hits record proportions reaching 20% of the 2020 fundraising volume.

Despite the pandemic, it was a startup boom in 2020. Specifically, in the U.S., business applications were up a record 40% YoY.



Total Available Market
Calculated based on the number of entrepreneurs worldwide (472M).

Tech Startups

USD 169M
Serviceable Available Market
Calculated based on the number of tech startups worldwide (1.35M).

Tech Startups Actively Seeking Venture Funding

Serviceable Obtainable Market
Launching (3 y) goal.

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Platform to design traditional slides based on numerous templates.

Offering a product dedicated to startup founders and small businesses. Spends substantial resources on pitch consulting services.

Focused on sophisticated design tools (incl. AI) vs. structure and content.


Collaborative presentation software for teams with extensive design features.

One example out of many presentation design software products.

Our Competitive Advantages

ezVenture Pitch is a one-stop solution for landing pitch page structure, design, content, and investor engagement analytics. Our self-directed web app has clearly structured guidelines, reference data, and tips replacing hours of research. We provide instant pitch previews and immediate actionable feedback from investors.

Business Model

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) & Business-to-Business (B2B)

Access to the ezVenture Pitch web app

From USD 25/Mo
Startups and startup founders globally

Corporate plan

Adjustable rate
Startup accelerators, incubators, investment firms, startup events


Marketing Channels

Early Adopters

Product Hunt,

Paid Traffic

Paid Search,
CPA Marketing.


Partnership programs with incubators, accelerators, investment firms, startup events, and companies rendering startup-related services.


PR via social media, media, startup conferences: Startup Grid, OPN, etc.

Viral Loop

Invite a friend and receive a discount.


Well-balanced female team experienced in digital marketing, product development, and business strategy.

Liubov Ebralidze
Liubov Ebralidze
Co-Founder CEO
10 years in deep tech startup management. 7 years in startup funding and acceleration within Rusnano.
Victoria Klimova
Victoria Klimova
Co-Founder CMO
9 years in international product marketing. Ex-Stripe, consulted Expedia, Agoda, and P&G.


870,000 active users; subscriptions are doubling every quarter.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)


Please note that some numbers in the demo pitch are not real.


Raising Amount
USD 1.5M
Pre-Money Valuation
Committed Funding
USD 650K by ABC Ventures
Basic Terms
Equity financing
Product Development & Salaries USD 470K
Sales & Marketing USD 580K
Overheads USD 450K
Funding will be enough for:
12 months runway

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Gross Profit


Please note that some numbers in the demo pitch are not real.

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Liubov Ebralidze CEO / Co-Founder